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14 April 2010 @ 01:54 am
What would you do if your pet dog or cat suddenly started to talk to you, but nobody else could hear it? Would you assume you'd gone mad or simply be happy for the company? Would you try to convince your friends and family or would you be satisfied keeping it to yourself?
Hallucination or not id just start asking questions... like... Who was your previous owner? Do you remember your dreams? what do you dream? u enjoyin yourself? what you want for christmas? are you an immortal demon cat? so whats your favorite flavor cat food? can we exploit your vocal talent for money or would you pull a michigan j frog, or do you just wanna chill? You ever think about running away? how can i improve your experience?
14 April 2010 @ 01:42 am
Do you believe in luck? Do you think some people are luckier than others? Do actions cause reactions or are there intervening forces beyond our control that govern our destinies?
I believe in probability.

as far as luckier than others..... hmmm... Perhaps there is a law of attraction like deal that might be close to a Karma imagining... how else do i say...

but actions and reactions: of course i think of all universal events as cause and effect, each effect being a new cause in many aspects... like a web of effect... but hardly simply traceable like the cause and effect straight line thinking of "blame"

as for divine intervention... i tend not to believe in it.. i dont see it really... and if it is there perhaps i disagree with a humongous number of decisions... i think its a delicate balance, and a creator would be smart enough to keep it self propelled as not to have to keep up on work... as if some divine force sits around answering prayers like emails... as if a gazelle gets its prayer of getting away fulfilled... or an elephant born yesterday already marching miles with the water migration gettin the prayer for rest fulfilled... ok perhaps im bein scatterbrained here... is anyone able to follow my train of thought? hmm... i hardly can

where was i... divine intervention... i doubt it... unless it is the concept of our own divine intervention... like some version of that thoughts are things theory. will. willpower... all that stuff...

but hmm i dont think we truly have a choice really, just an illusion of it with the necessity of seeing it as a choice, but the brain will never come to any conclusions or decisions without its intricate extent of knowledge based on passed experiences... so your response is a sum of understanding at whatever brain capacity you have...

i think this is a really fun thing to wonder about, but i think the agnostic viewpoint is healthiest especially on this one.... just admit you can never know... otherwise your gonna believe what you want to... which is especially not necessarily the truth... think of all the infinite possibilities... or try to... its more fun that way.
12 September 2009 @ 01:03 pm
If someone discusses UFOs at a party, do you assume they're a visionary or bonkers? Do you consider yourself a believer or a skeptic?

at a party? LMFAO like id ever get invited to one of those... but if it comes up in conversation or on the forums i love to talk about possibilities. i dont think visionary is an appropriate word for ufo believers... and certainly noones crazy for admitting the probability of another habitable planet out of our sight and reach that may have evolved much faster if not having a few extra million years to evolve beyond us... to be capable of long long distance space travel and eventually one day come back to check on us. i think its fun to explore the probability and possibility. and its fun to talk about if ancient humans had experiences with aliens. like egyptians and such... although i just think we're underestimating the knowledge and skills of the ancient humans... there are texts and drawings that can be imagined to suggest we have been visited before.

however if one claims to have seen a ufo i would be skeptical. if someone claimed to have been abducted i would listen intensely without ridicule. but whats the point of calling them a liar. just enjoy the incredible story... and envy their imagination.

besides we're creating ufos... i dont doubt thousands witnessed test flights of man made spaceships.... gov technology is said to be ahead by 50 years... imagine all the technology and information not released to us yet.
12 September 2009 @ 01:00 pm
If an annoying acquaintance got spinach between his or her teeth or an embarrassing salsa stain, would you tell them or let them suffer in shame?

FINALLY! a september 11th went by without getting mentioned! i didnt even notice til now. bad things happen around the world all the time. its not fair to make such a fuss about one thing and not another.
12 September 2009 @ 12:56 pm
How are you financially planning for your future?

there is no way i can financially plan. i am scraping by every week. taxes cant be paid. had to cancel gamefly. i barely get what i need. but i always make sure Lux has everything she needs.
12 September 2009 @ 12:49 pm
If your friend or partner left his or her email open, would you look? How about a journal? Have you ever peeked at something private?

back in the day i cracked matts password and read all his history and emails... now i know they say youre supposed to trust your partner and blah blah blah but guess what i found! yup. he told another girl he loved her. he did betray me. and thats not even the half of what i discovered. i dont see the need to have and protect such privacies. if theres nothing to hide there's no reason to be secretive.
12 September 2009 @ 12:49 pm
What's something you would splurge on this year to improve your future?

wish i could get a couch.
02 September 2009 @ 01:10 am
What's your fantasy "geek" tech accessory?
virtual reality
20 August 2009 @ 12:46 pm
If you could get your exercise by taking a pill, would you? Why or why not?
for free? for sure! but wait... do you mean lose weight by taking a pill... because the word exercise tends to mean physical effort... if the pill made you not mind physical effort it might be good... but if its just an energy pill it might not be worth it... and if it would keep me from sleeping i couldnt, i have enough trouble with that already... but no diet pills seem to work right... its like paying money to get told for it to work you need to drink water and eat healthy... so i would need more details... any side effects? but yeah id be interested :P

and i think i forgot to mention the whole promotion issue. i have the opportunity to get my cda through the center where i work. im gonna do it... and im gonna be working in the 3 year olds room. as the afternoon teacher! its exciting but it means i have to go call about lux going to a center for 3 hours from like noon to 3... cause i work 1:00 to close and i cant have my mom wakin up that early... hopefully i get state help... or she goes to free head start or something. otherwise ill be working just to pay for her to be at a center. but hey... thatll only be for a year or so... since shell be in regular preschool already soon...

better go start calling and asking questions...
19 August 2009 @ 07:32 pm
What are your fitness goals? What is helping or preventing you from accomplishing them?
the price of healthy food... and the fact matt is so picky against healthy food cause he can be... and lux has a typical 3 year old pickiness...

plus i value using my free time for computer and video games and reading. all free of physical effort... i enjoy it this way... but im not supposed to. im a slacker... and i like my laziness... i just wish i wasnt embarrassed of how i look... i wish i could afford a treadmill... i could read while on that... thatd be great. but we dont have the money for anything like that for sure.

i hate being outside... i haaaate the sun... but walking around at night is not as good of an idea anymore... even though i still do it when i can...

ive decided to make drastic effort though... now that matt has announced he no longer wants to be with me. i feel blank... i go up and down... why should i care to i should try to be worthy... im staying calm... but it takes a huge effort... and since hes not moving out.... its... really really hard. but if he did move out... id be totally devastated... right now nothing has happened to make it feel real... but if i cant lose weight in time... im going to be alone for the rest of my life......